As we expand into more markets globally, fresh talent is joining us on our startup journey! Let’s meet our newest team member, Ben! This Frenchman joins us from Singapore as our new Global IT Director! Let’s discover how Ben’s passions lead him to uniting with our international connected devices brand!

What initially drew you to NOERDEN and what excites you most about joining the team?

I met Christophe, NOERDEN’s General Manager, last summer. From the very beginning of our discussions, I felt there was big potential for the products and the brand. I quickly fell in love with the products and I really liked that the team was multicultural, so all those factors contributed to me joining the team.

When did you discover your passion for IT? 

From a young age I was always fascinated by new technologies. As an adult, I love working with mobile and smart devices. It feels so great to see people wearing a wonderful, stylish watch that is smarter than ever, that I helped design the tech for.

What past professional experiences have helped prepare you for your new role? 

I had the opportunity to work as an iOS Mobile Software Engineer for 3 years at Withings in France. Then, when my wife and I moved to Singapore, I worked as a Senior Firmware Engineer at Schneider Electric for nearly 2 years. With those experiences, I learned a wide range of tools and implementation like high level topics (UI for instance), very low level (drivers for embedded systems), and wireless technologies. It helped me to grow and become familiar with different processes, technologies, even working environments (startups vs. bigger companies).

What projects are you currently working on and what new features or functions can we expect to see next?

We are starting to build and deliver a brand new user experience. The NOERDEN App will progressively start predicting and showing data to users that they want to see, without them even telling the App. A new App design will also be released to our users, focusing on their data, friends and devices. The App will continue to get smarter with every new release, so stay tuned!

You’re helping open our Singapore office, how has that been going and what plans do you have in store?

Yes, NOERDEN is expanding in Singapore right now! We’re currently hiring IT engineers that love smart products and that want to join a brand that’s growing fast. Singapore is a wonderful environment to work and live. NOERDEN is a multicultural company that makes products for urban people, so it’s a great fit with Singapore – and we have a lot of exciting plans in store!

Out of all the new functions you’re adding to our products, which are you looking forward to the most?

We want to make the user experience as simple, as smart and as digital as possible. We have a lot of great ideas. We will deliver a completely new lifestyle experience to our community. I am really looking forward to the new design of the main page and the artificial intelligence features. Simply put, there’s a lot more to come!

Interested in positions at our new Singapore office?

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