As we expand into more markets globally, fresh talent is joining us on our startup journey! Let’s meet our newest team members, discover their unique roles and learn how their passions lead them to uniting with our international connected devices brand! 

Name: Joshua

Nationality: Canadian

Position: E-Commerce Customer Experience

Projects you’re currently working on: Launching NOERDEN in Southeast Asia through Lazada

Best thing about working in Shanghai: It’s like the Silicon Valley of China. People from all over bring ideas and try to innovate them further using the city’s advanced tech industry. It’s cool being able to experience these innovations first hand, and seeing the successful ones move on to the rest of the world.

Favorite thing about NOERDEN: The team! You can really feel the energy coming from each individual and its really motivating working with such like-minded people.

Name: Camille

Nationality: French

Position: Graphic Design Trainee (6-month internship)

Your role: Support the design and marketing teams. I help come up with creative designs and create visual assets for communication, Ads, print, etc.

Favorite thing about working at NOERDEN: The synergy between all departments and the different opportunities for a trainee to express ideas and to experiment during a marketing or design project.

As a graphic designer, where do you draw inspiration: Many places! Mostly from illustrations or digital artwork. But also from the fashion, automotive and watch industries, as well as arts and crafts from North Europe and Asia.

Phobias? The creepy, hairy pine caterpillars that fall from trees during springtime in France!

Name: Peter / Zhang(张培国)

Nationality: Chinese

Position: Sales Manager

Hobbies: Travel and music

What you do at NOERDEN: Responsible for dealer development and channel development in China.

Favorite thing about working at NOERDEN: I’m glad to work within a young, international team.

What’s your favorite travel destination: I really liked visiting Japan. The country’s nature is very well protected, so the environment is very green and clean. The food is also yummy!

Your latest professional accomplishment: Recently developed a successful new distributor in a short time.

Name:Andy 董彬

Nationality: Chinese

Position:Logistics Manager

Daily tasks: Help the company solve all logistics problems

Favorite thing about working at NOERDEN:The team is international, so I can practice communicating in English. It makes me feel like I’m making a lot of progress every day,unbelievable!

What music gets you dancing:Light and relaxing music

What do you find different about working for an international company:The big difference is working with different nationalities. At NOERDEN, I see differences in people and broaden my horizons. At the same time, I can see many similarities too, which is interesting!