Ever wonder what it’s like to work at NOERDEN? Let’s find out!

Big City Vibes

For starters, our headquarter office is located in the heart of Shanghai’s bustling business district. As one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities, Shanghai is an international mecca. This meshing of cultures is certainly reflected by our global, 70+ member dream team which represents over 10 nationalities and counting!

The Downtown Headquarters

Most people drive an electric scooter, take the metro or bicycle to the office every morning. Some people stop to buy a jian bing 兼并 (Chinese crepe) or grab a coffee on the way into our headquarter office located in the beautiful SOHO skyscrapper. Once inside SOHO, you’ll find our awesome team hard at work…or chatting near the espresso machine!

The International Dream Team

We’re a young and dynamic team. Our average age is only 27 years old! As a small team with start up vibes, we’re pretty busy. Most people juggle multiple roles – dancing gracefully between projects and responsibilities – to create the brand we all know and love! During breaks or sunny days, you’ll normally catch our employees hanging out together outside sipping on flats whites or munching on fresh ice-cream (a spring favorite).

So what’s it like being a NOERDEN employee? Well, it’s like working at a young international company, in a huge international city, with a bunch of your creative friends.

So yah, it’s pretty cool.

So, why not join us? Check out our career page for more details on job openings or shoot us an email anytime!