Smartwatches are the perfect accessory…but sometimes you may desire to express yourself in different ways!

The modern man or woman is jumping between the office, the gym, the university, not to mention socializing and vacations, and one watch style may not fit every occasion. So why not MIX & MATCH your watch bands to create your own unique smartwatch style?

Each of our watch bracelets are the same size & fit perfectly onto any NEORDEN smartwatch!

That means you can attach any band to any watch! Simply put, more options, more styles, more colors and MORE YOU!

Discover the watch combination that fits your personal style or lifestyle best!

Choose between 3 watch models: LIFE2, LIFE2+ and MATE2 & 4 bracelet types: silicone, genuine leather, NATO and Milanese & as many colors as the rainbow!

Endless Combinations

Simply choose one smartwatch frame and two band bracelets to MIX & MATCH your smartwatch!

With 3 base watch models to choose from (LIFE2/LIFE2+/MATE2) and over 25 bracelet combinations, the options for MIX & MATCH are literally endless!

There is a watch combination for everyone and every style with MIX & MATCH.

So why not MIX & MATCH today?

Automatic Wardrobe Update 

Love your watch.…but want to match it with more outfits or styles?

Maybe you have a yellow summer dress or red trousers that you’ve always wanted to match with a bold yellow or red smartwatch… but you also didn’t that to be your only bracelet choice.

Well, then MIX & MATCH is perfect for you!

Now you can change your watch bracelet as easy as changing your clothes! With MIX & MATCH you can optimize your wardrobe and get loads more compliments!

Express Yourself

Who are you? Are you chic? Are you colorful? Are you casual?

At NOERDEN, we understand personal style is fluid.

Even different environments call for different styles;

From the office, to university, to the gym, to socializing, to vacation, you simply need more than one watch to fit every occasion!

Your style shouldn’t be tied down to one look, and neither should your watch!