All-in-one data platform


Connect all your devices

The NOERDEN App is compatible with LIFE2, LIFE2+, MATE2, MATE2+ and MINIMI.

Track your daily activity

Because 30 min walk every day is all it takes to start a more dynamic life, follow your goals and achievements thanks to the Activity Trackers* and the Autorun detection*.

*Only available for watches.

Monitor your sleep

A good quality sleep is important to be at your best at anytime and anywhere, visualize your nights* to keep them optimum.

*Only available for watches.

Weight data analysis

Gain Weight*, reduce Fat Mass*, check your Hydration* level or surprise your friend with your Metabolic Age*! Set your goals and follow your evolution!

*Only available for Body Scales.

Smart Assistant functions

Make your Watch your everyday life companion. Set it from your App: Music Control, Camera Remote control, Silent alarm, Message notifications, Find my Phone, Auto Global Time Synch.

Select your training

With HIIT* and Yoga* but also Running*, Cycling*, Walking* there are 1001 ways to compose your perfect training.

*Only available for MATE2 and MATE2+ Watches.